4 Common and Interesting Gambling Traditions You Must Know

blog post - 4 Common and Interesting Gambling Traditions You Must Know

Different cultures have their gambling traditions. Since this hobby involves a ton of luck, most people infuse it more with superstitious beliefs and traditions that are from hundreds of years ago. In this post, we'll learn some familiar yet intriguing gambling traditions you may use in your next sessions.

Wearing Red Underwear May Help Increase Your Winning Potential

The tradition of wearing red underwear whenever you need to do something meaningful that also requires luck originates from China. While there's no scientific basis with this claim, it remains a popular tradition that is being used not just in China but also in different cultures.

So the next time you hop into that virtual casino session, you might want to smartly pick an underwear color for added luck, as they say.

Pray Before You Play to Gain Favor From the Gods Above

This entry is more like a ritual than a tradition, mostly for religious people, which cultures' revolve around the subject of gods. Gamblers often pray and wish for good luck whenever they start a roulette, play slot machines, or even when drawing a card in poker.

Most people are even going extreme by visiting churches or altars before they enter a casino or logging on to their virtual casino accounts.

Most Chinese uses sacrifices to amplify their chances, so they say. Most of the time, these ritual sacrifices are foods.

Never Let Spectators Touch Your Cards and Even Yourself

This gambling tradition is only applicable to physical establishments; however, it may also be necessary for online players. Naturally, gamblers don't want anyone to touch their cards while playing. It is also terrible luck that could last for a day, according to some people.

In that sense, you can also implement it through your virtual casino session, by not letting anyone sit on your chair or look at your virtual cards.

Most spectators in casinos know this tradition and are always respectful to those that are on the table. Talk about casino etiquette.

Counting Money on the Table is Looked Down by Many and is a Bad Manner

Counting money while on the table is not just attracting bad luck, but is also disrespectful to people, especially those that are still in play. Perhaps, it can even pass the category of gambling traditions and climb towards the unspoken rules of gambling.

For online casinos, however, everything is fine since most of the time, you'll be alone. Online gaming casinos are also actively displaying credits, which is very helpful when it comes to someone who is controlling spending.

While it is not necessary to follow all of these, there are still traditions that are under the category of an unspoken rule, like the last entry.

Most luck-based gambling traditions are from Asian countries, in particular China. It is also essential to know that China is a hotspot of gambling globally, even beating the United States' Las Vegas, Nevada, with its Macau.