4 Best Cryptocurrencies to Use for Online Casino Gambling

blog post - 4 Best Crypto Currencies to Use for Online Casino Gambling

2010 is a big year, a start of a new decade, and the birth of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of all time, Bitcoin. While it still dominates the market today, online casinos aren't limiting their payment methods; instead, they try to broaden their options to serve customers a lot better.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrencies you may use in online casino websites.

Bitcoin: the Catalyst of All Cryptocurrencies

First up, the king of cryptos, Bitcoin. The birth of this crypto is in the year 2009 when an anonymous man named Satoshi Nakamoto started everything.

Through years, it has developed a lot of users, and its trusted market share is steadily increasing, making it one of the most stable cryptos to use in current times. If you're planning on using cryptos on your online casino ventures, then we highly recommend converting some bitcoins into your virtual wallet. It's safe, fast, and anonymous.

Ethereum: The Starter of the New Wave of Crypto

Ethereum may be a newcomer, but every feature it offers are all promising. This crypto launched somewhere around 2015 and is a faster and cheaper alternative for crypto transactions, other than Bitcoin.

Even if Ethereum is directly competing with Bitcoin, they are very different in design, since Ethereum is for new blockchains that are rising in popularity. But since it picked up a loyal fanbase, you can rest easy when using the system since a lot of online casino sites include it in their payment methods.

Bitcoin Cash: Complicated Yet Efficient Payment Method

You can look at Bitcoin Cash as an improved Bitcoin but a little complicated. It's faster, cheaper, and also secure, but the problem is, Bitcoin is still the cryptocurrency system that has the most users.

The premise of how this crypto came to life is because of Bitcoin's degrading quality. Developers want to improve Bitcoin by a lot, and that's where Bitcoin Cash comes into place, taking some of the transactions, which then results in the birth of the newly separated cryptocurrency.

But considering its benefits and appeal to the masses, Bitcoin Cash is stable crypto you should use through online gaming casinos.

Litecoin: One of the Kickstarters of the Cryptocurrency Craze

Litecoin's DNA is a copy of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has become stable ever since it was developed and launched in 2011. it is garnering support from a lot of people that are willing to invest.

When compared to transaction speed, Litecoin is a lot faster than Bitcoin, which puts it into an advantage when it comes to online payments. If you're impatient and want things to push through instantly, then Litecoin is your best bet.

To put it simply, whatever type of crypto you use when dealing with online casinos is fine because all of them are for secure payments and anonymous transactions. It will all come down to fees and speed where you need to decide what of all these cryptocurrencies you want to use.