Top South African Online Casinos

south african online casinos

South African Online Casinos is big, despite it once being quite heavily restricted. The Gambling Act of 1965 effectively banned all forms of gambling in the country, safe for horse racing – isn’t that always the way? That didn’t stop land-based casinos opening in the country in the early 70s. Indeed, there was almost 2,000 casinos operating illegally in the country by the mid-90s! 1996’s National Gambling Act effectively legalised gambling as the government did a u-turn. Since 2008, South African players have been relatively comfortable playing at online casinos, instead. Like most of us, South Africans do love their gambling after all.Online gambling in South Africa is legal, though casino games and poker games sometimes aren’t!Oddly enough, that’s not as big a dilemma as it might sound. The gambling industry continues to go from strength to strength in the country, irrespective of that. Just take a look at the Top South African online casinos listed below:

One of the most popular online casinos South Africa has to offer is is a unique place to play, as it isn’t just open to South African players, but also players from across the globe. South African players can feel right at home in this online casino, though, as it offers the ZAR (South African Rand) currency as well as payment methods that are specific to South African players. is available as a downloadable online casino, or an instant play site. You can actually play their games on your portable gaming devices too, as they are fully compatible with Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android and iOS systems. With big bonuses and great games, as well as a wealth of solid experience in the industry, is our favourite of all the online casinos South Africa has to play at.

South African Online Casinos Games

But what can you play when you are playing at South African online casinos? Well, you can play all the usual games, just like you would in any other online casino, really. You are at liberty to spin some reels on the slots, pull out the Aces in poker, go retro with video poker, shoot at the craps table, beat the dealer to win at blackjack or try your luck at the ultimate game of chance, roulette. What’s the biggest hit with South African players? The slots, of course – the same as everywhere else. If your favourite South African casino won’t offer you the games that you want, then just play at an offshore site designed for South African players!

Quality Gaming in South Africa

The kinds of graphics and audio that games at South African online casinos have, depends entirely on who has developed the games in question. Those playing at the Microgaming or Playtech powered online casinos South Africa has, will find their games featuring absolutely top-notch graphics. These are the kings of online casino gaming, and they would never dream of handing you shoddily designed products. Those playing at smaller-scale online casinos using software from newer companies, or less-experienced developers, will understandably encounter graphics of a lesser quality. That doesn’t mean their games are to be kicked to the curb, though. As far as audio goes, players will find dealer voices, background music, sound effects in all games. If you don’t give a hoot about audio, you can always put the games on mute.

Mobile casino gameplay in South Africa also varies, depending on where you are playing. The top South African online casinos will naturally contain mobile gaming options, whilst smaller scale online casinos in South Africa often go live without this feature, though some may add it later on.
Secure South African Payment Methods

Some of the world’s most popular payment methods are available in South African online casinos. Credit card deposits are often accepted, including both Visa and Master Card. Players who wish to be slightly more reserved about entering their banking info into the casino, may opt to use Skrill or Neteller, which represent two of the largest e-wallet payment methods in the world. Bank Wire has also proven itself to be a fairly popular payment method in certain online casinos in South Africa. Those casinos which are based offshore may offer additional payment methods, but there’s no saying that these will be compatible with residents of South Africa. Stick to what you know, and you’ll always be able to deposit and withdraw from the online casinos South Africa is offering you.